Daily Model Practice

The model app allows users to record their daily Journals. The app includes the following categories: relationship, money & finances, health & wellness, family & friends, faith & spirituality, and love & career.

App Features

User Dashboard

The dashboard allows easy access to all the user’s Journals on a single screen.

Premium Features

With the premium features, the app allows access to exclusive features like adding a Custom topic, searching by keyword, Face id login, exporting to PDF, and many more.

Add Custom Topic

Instead of predefined topics, Premium Users can add custom topics of their choice in the app.

Post Journals

Users can post a journal after selecting a topic & can view it anytime.

Download PDF

Premium users get to download their journals in the form of PDFs.

Edit Journals

Users can edit their journals within the app.

Get Stars & Streaks

Users get stars and streaks for every Journal they post in the app.

Search Feature

Users can search for a specific journal from their list by typing a keyword.

Filter by Calendar

The premium feature allows users to filter their journals by date and time.

Invite Friends

Using the link in the profile, users can share the app with their friends.

Add Reminder

Users have access to the fantastic feature allowing them to set reminders within the app to post journals.

Technology stack


  • Kotlin

  • Android Studio


  • Swift

  • Xcode


  • Python

  • Django


  • MVVM Architecture

Download the app today from the App Store or Google Play for free to explore the small wonders around you.

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