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We are a top collectible NFT token development company with more than 100,000 man-hours of experience delivering Blockchain, NFT and peripheral solutions around blockchain. Our highly experienced team of engineers has been delivering best in class NFT token development services.

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Our Offerings

We at apponward can help you in building your unique NTF token using our deep understanding of blockchain technology, token standards, the latest frameworks and our trademark DFA methodology.

  • NFT Strategy

    Use Case/whitepaper creation, block chain selection, roadmap definition.

  • NFT page UI/UX Design

    Wireframe designing, UI/UX Consulting, Theme designing.

  • Discord

    Channel Strategy, Channel Development, White listing management.

  • DFA Development Methodology

    DFA Dynamic Feature Adaptation, where we keep scraping all available market places for new features and functionalities, keep checking for relevance and then making implementation proposals for adaptation with minimum schedule impact.

  • Token Standards

    Use case analysis, standard selection, standard implementation.

  • Generative Art Work

    Art work design, image generation, logo design

  • Development

    Smart contract creation, Wallet Integration, deployment.

  • Testing

    Acceptance Criteria Definition, PEN test Execution, Automated Load test execution.

  • NFT launch and Support

    NFT Minting, MarketPlace Launch, Multilevel KTLO support .

Our Crypto token Development Process

Apponward offers end to end services for NFT token launch starting from inception to product launch and everything in between. We have a vastly experienced team of engineers which helps you in every step of your NFT journey. Based on our past experience following is the list of standard steps which should be followed:

  • Requirement & Analysis

    Understand the project specific needs, analyze details with stakeholders and document the outcomes.

  • Marketing and Promotions

    In parallel, start working on promotional activities e.g. building community, develop discord channels and conduct events.

  • Choosing the platform

    Identify the right platform e.g. Etherium, Solana, NEO, EOS etc, this is an important decision impacted by factors like performance, cost, popularity, etc.

  • Configuring the right Tools

    Configure Wallets, dev accounts, testing platforms like ropsten to achieve desired results.

  • Artwork Generation

    Work on the art design and then create the generative digital ark work or gaming graphics.

  • Development

    Build the smart contract for NFT or the game with required functionalities and features like token creation, white listing etc.

  • UI/UX Design

    Create a user interface (UI) for an application which is simple to use but has all the desired features like wallet connection, staking, gaming, etc. Additionally, UI should also have stand features like account creation, contact us form, etc.

  • Deployment

    After testing the required functions, deploy the NFT smart contract on the mainnet. Once deployed and minted, then comes the work of launching your NFT on the right market place.

  • Maintenance, Support and future

    Establish the support protocols and build a support team to tackle post go-live issues. Additionally, start working on future roadmap and releases.

Our Blockchain Tech Stack

Smart Contract


Token Standards

  • ERC721
  • ERC20
  • ERC1155

Ethereum Networks


Development Frameworks




Development Blockchains


Testing Library


Web3 Environment



  • IPFS

Side Chaining


Crypto Wallet


NFT Development Best Practices

Plan the project

Some of the aspects which are key to success of any NFT project could be listed as follows:
Should be exclusive
Try to keep it limited, some of very successful projects can be attributed to exclusivity, for example:

  • CryptoPunks created 10,000 unique characters
  • NFT worlds are 10,000 playable worlds
  • Bored Apes Club produced 10,000 NFTs

M for Marketing

Marketing is the word which can make any project fly or die. In the world of NFTs, it becomes even more important as millions of NFTs are floating around in cyberspace.


Utility NFTs is the new phenomena which is gaining popularity, e.g. Zed Run’s metaverse has utilities e.g. Buying horses is the beginning of their metaverse. One can breed, race, and win horse races makes.


Choosing the right platform is the key, there could be multiple options like open sea, looksrare, rariable, etc. OpenSea is currently the largest NFT aggregator and it has significant traffic.

Simple smart contracts

The list of security best practices also leads to the need for simplicity. Developers must maintain simple smart contracts with expectations for many errors. Developers should also try to maintain simple, smart contracts by dividing logic into small blocks and building the code into different modular functions.

Gas Fee Optimization using ERC721

ERC721A is an improvement of the ERC 721 standard, after the introduction of ERC721A, the storage problem and high transaction fees are now issues that are resolved to a good extent.
ERC721A has multiple advantages, besides the reduction of transaction fees and helping in the storage issue, the NFT standard helps in resolving network congestion.

Promoting NFT project

For a NFT project to be successful, it should be promoted to the right people, on the right platform, at the right time.
Promotions should start as early as the inception of the project, there are multiple channels and ways to promote NFT project. When we talk about channels, we could look at popular social media platforms like twitter, Instagram and telegram or more tech savvy Discord for promotions.

In terms of promotional ways, there could be storytelling, hosting podcasts or engaging with popular influencers.
Doing it right is the key to a successful NFT project.

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  • Grofkit is an eCommerce mobile solution that works as a one-stop shop for all dairy-related products.
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The Maetrix

  • Maetrix is an LMS whose prime users are Aesthetic Practitioners.
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What do Our Clients Say?

Very professional and nice people to work with. I like that they think also from my point of view and really help me with ideas and offer solutions that I did not think in the beginning. So I will work with them again for sure.

Mr. Richard Crawford-Small - Wrecclesham, United Kingdom

The team is always on its tiptoes to assist whenever required. Their quick response and witty decisions are really appreciable. Choosing them for this app is one of my best decisions.

Mr. Salem Alshamsi - Abu Dhabi, UAE

Apponward is very aware that everyone is at a different stage of understanding technology so they have a sensitive and inclusive guidance approach. The things I've found most impressive are their openness, consideration, and professionalism.

Mr. Magik - Jamaica

Mr. Richard Crawford Small

London, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

    What is NFT?

    The term NFT means “Non-Fungible Token.” It is a unique digital record, stored on the blockchain, which can be used as a proof of ownership of a specific digital asset, this asset could be anything like a jpg, a video, an audio file, etc. Some popular examples include the NBA, Bored APE, NFT world, etc.

    How to create a nft game?

    The development of NFT games can be a daunting task, but some guiding principles can be used to achieve a good NFT game. One, identify the kind of game you want to develop, conduct some background reseHow to create a nft game?arch to understand the trends and popularity that may attract more players. Two, understand the competition and the kind of games that are available in the market. Three, determine the model to use. The existing models include Play-to-Earn (P2E) and Free-to-Play (F2P). Four, determine the best way users should interact with the products e.g. a game based on a mobile app or web app. Last but not least, determine the technology to use, decide on the tech stack, tools, and technologies.

    How does NFT work?

    NFTs are digital assets that are usually representations of real-world objects such as in-game items, videos, music, collectibles, virtual assets, and arts.

    Where do you buy NFTs?

    NFTs can be bought with cryptocurrency, some exchange Kraken or Coinbase allows user to convert fiat currency into NFT. Some of the best marketplaces where you can buy NFTs include OpenSea, Rarible, looksrare


    You can connect your wallet (phantom or metamask) directly or on any platform to view all the NFTs you hold.

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