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Having a custom web design can make the difference between a mediocre and an extraordinary website. Your web applications reflect your business. In addition, it draws attention to your brand and showcases it to potential customers.
Our website design and development team adopts a strategic approach.

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To deliver your apps to market fast, effectively and affordably, we embrace and apply our own unique and agile work techniques. From concept to design, design to development and post-launch maintenance, we assist in the creation of distinctive apps. Apponward is your 'One Stop Solution' for providing successful mobile apps to customers.

  • Flutter App Strategy
  • Flutter App Wireframing
  • Flutter App UX/UI
  • Enterprise Flutter Apps
  • Flutter App Testing
  • Flutter App Deployment & Support

Our Flutter App Development Process

We build more than just web apps. We help you find the right solution with scalability, transparency, and security in your ecosystem. We analyze your requirements deeply to address your technological, operation and strategic challenges.

  • Requirement Analysis

    We make sure to use the best strategy and make the best judgments throughout the whole app development process to get the greatest results.

  • Wireframing

    Our team of professionals offer a variety of templates to choose from that illustrate how the app will work.

  • User Story writing

    To get a grasp on how an application feature will give value to the customer, it’s important that we understand the perspective of the end users.

  • UI/UX Design

    We ensure to incorporate the designs which enhance the overall user experience.

  • App Development

    We help you create a website and launch your product in a live environment to ensure its robustness, stability, and fitness for purpose.

  • Deployment & Support

    We provide routine maintenance that helps in minimizing several issues that users might face while using your app.

  • Maintenance & Support

    We continually support and advance your software by adding new features to align with your dynamic business needs.

  • Security & Penetration testing

    Our team of professionals ensures that the mobile app is free of bugs and can render super-fast performance.

  • Quality Assurance

    Our QA team examines it to uncover flaws that might have gone unnoticed during design and development.

Our Flutter App Development Tech Stack


  • apponward JavaScript
  • apponward HTML
  • apponward CSS
  • apponward Dart


  • apponward Android Studio
  • apponward Flutter SDK

Payment Gateway

  • apponward Paypal
  • apponward Stripe
  • apponward RazorPay

Third Party

  • apponward Firebase
  • apponward Twillio

Flutter App Development Best Practices

Split your code into little widgets

Breaking your code into smaller, reusable widgets promotes code reusability, maintainability, and readability. Each widget should have a specific responsibility and encapsulate a single piece of functionality. This modular approach allows for easier debugging, testing, and future enhancements.

Make use of widgets to create UI elements

In Flutter, everything is a widget. Utilize the vast collection of built-in widgets and create custom widgets to build your UI. Leverage the power of composition by combining multiple widgets to create complex UI elements. This approach promotes consistency and simplifies the development process.

Widgets choice matters

Carefully choose the appropriate widget for each task. Flutter provides a wide range of widgets catering to different use cases and scenarios. Consider factors such as performance, layout requirements, interactivity, and platform-specific guidelines when selecting widgets. Proper widget selection can significantly improve app performance and user experience.

Use absolute positioning only when essential

Flutter provides a rich set of layout widgets that automatically handle the positioning of UI elements based on constraints. Avoid using absolute positioning, such as Positioned or Align, unless absolutely necessary. Absolute positioning can make your UI less flexible, harder to maintain, and less adaptive to different screen sizes.

Use streams only when necessary

Streams are powerful for handling asynchronous data and event-driven programming. However, they come with additional complexity. Use streams judiciously when you have asynchronous data that needs to be processed in real-time. For simpler scenarios, consider using simpler mechanisms like Futures or callbacks to avoid unnecessary complexity.

Test critical functionality

Testing is crucial for building high-quality apps. Write unit tests to cover critical functionality, edge cases, and business logic. Utilize Flutter’s testing framework and tools like flutter_test and widget_test to automate testing. Regularly run tests to catch bugs early, ensure stability, and maintain code reliability.

Use relative imports

When importing files within your project, prefer relative imports over absolute imports. Relative imports make your code more maintainable and flexible, as they are less dependent on the project’s specific directory structure. They also make it easier to move or refactor code without breaking import statements.

Explore Our Recent Work


  • Health+ is the perfect partner to improve your fitness routine.
  • Users can track their nutrition and much more with this amazing fitness tracking app.
  • It also allows the users to connect with the trusted healthcare professionals and get guidance.
  • Swift
  • Xcode
  • Laravel
  • php
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  • apponward

The Maetrix

  • Maetrix is an LMS whose prime users are Aesthetic Practitioners.
  • It includes a variety of business development programs and video tutorials about best practices for various aesthetic businesses.
  • Users can also read informative blogs and listen to podcasts with just a click.
  • Laravel
  • php
  • ReactJs
  • AWS Cloud
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  • The Sotto on-demand mobile health platform connects thousands of patients struggling with mental health issues with qualified emotional support coaches.
  • This groundbreaking platform makes mental wellness standardized, affordable, and accessible online.
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Figma
  • Python
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  • apponward

What do Our Clients Say?

Apponward were responsive to all our requirements and ready to address all our issues and delivered a product that was up to our standard and expectations.

Mr. Seifeselassie Negussie - Ethiopia

Mr. Seifeselassie Negussie


Flutter Application Development FAQs

    Can Flutter apps be customized to match my brand?

    Yes, Flutter allows for a high level of customization, so your app can be tailored to match your brand's look and feel.

    Can Flutter apps integrate with other systems?

    Yes, Flutter apps can integrate with other systems using APIs and SDKs. This allows for seamless integration with backend systems, such as databases or third-party services.

    Will I be able to update my Flutter mobile app after it's been launched?

    Yes, Flutter apps can be updated after they've been launched. Apponward can help you with the process of updating and maintaining your Flutter App.

    What kind of support will I receive after my Flutter app is launched?

    We provide ongoing support after your app has been launched, including bug fixes, updates, and maintenance.

    How long does it take to develop a Flutter app?

    The development time for a Flutter app depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the app, the number of features, and the platform it is being built for. A simple Flutter app can take a few weeks to develop, whereas a more complex app may take several months.

    Can I use Flutter for both iOS and Android app development?

    Yes, one of the main advantages of Flutter mobile app development is that it enables cross-platform app development. This means that you can use Flutter to develop apps for both iOS and Android platforms using a single codebase.

    Does Flutter support third-party integrations?

    Yes, Flutter supports integration with third-party libraries and APIs, making it easy to integrate popular features and services into your app, such as maps, payment gateways, and social media integrations.

    Is Flutter secure?

    Yes, Flutter is secure and follows industry-standard security practices. The framework provides features like HTTPS support, data encryption, and secure storage to ensure that your app is secure and protected against data breaches.

    Can I use Flutter to develop web applications?

    Yes, Flutter has support for web development, making it possible to build high-performance web applications using the same codebase that you use for your mobile app.

    How much does it cost to develop a Flutter app?

    The cost of developing a Flutter mobile app depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the app, the number of features, and the development time. A simple Flutter app may cost around USD 3K to USD 50K.

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