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Cloud Computing

Let your system be free of the clumsy servers with our unique cloud computing solutions.

Uncover a quicker and more secure solution to the cloud needs with us. A powerful set of AI tools and sophisticated data, as well as extensive industry knowledge.

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Services Provided

Our cloud services providers serve you with a wide range of decentralized solutions that adds scalability, transparency, and security to your ecosystem.

  • Full AWS infrastructure builds
  • Environment management
  • Migration into AWS
  • Infrastructure architecture planning
  • Linux environments
  • AWS cost reduction / optimisation
  • Logging solutions using ELK stack
  • Setup configuration Management systems like Ansible
  • AWS/GC,Microsoft Azure

TOOLKIT/Cloud Providers


Apponward Augmentation Services provide incredible, leverage and flexibility for Mobile businesses, Products businesses and blockchain services consultants all across the world.

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    Amazon Web Services EC2, RDS, S3, etc

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    Logs and monitoring Management

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    AWS Lambda

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    API Gateway

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    Secret Manager

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    MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL/MongoDB

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    CI/CD Pipeline

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Industries Covered

  • Healthcare

  • Map and Navigation

  • Music & Entertainment

  • Education

  • Travel & Tourism

  • E-Commerce

What do Our Clients Say?

Apponward were responsive to all our requirements and ready to address all our issues and delivered a product that was up to our standard and expectations.

Mr. Seifeselassie Negussie - Ethiopia

Mr. Seifeselassie Negussie


Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the services of Cloud Computing?

    Cloud computing is the transmission of computer services via the Internet or "the cloud" in order to provide speedier innovation, more versatile resources, and scale economies.

    What are the main 3 services in cloud Computing?

    Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service are the three primary categories of cloud computing services (SaaS).

    How do Cloud Services Work?

    It makes use of software and middleware to provide smooth communication between cloud-connected devices and PCs. Cloud computing providers often keep numerous copies of data to protect against security risks, data loss, and data breaches, among other things.

    Which are the big three Cloud Services providers?

    The three major cloud providers are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

    Do you offer Cloud Support Services?

    We provide our clients with customizable managed IT services as well as 24/7 cloud support. We serve you no matter how big or little your business demands are, from close monitoring to completely maintaining your IT infrastructure.

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