Grofkit is an eCommerce mobile solution that works as a one-stop shop for all daily related needs. Using Grofkit users can buy all types of daily products in one place and within a defined range.

App Features

Home Screen

An exquisitely designed dashboard featuring all the products in a single screen. Some of the features on the home screen include Product Search, Add to Cart, Notifications.

Categories & Subcategories

Users can surf through products by filtering categories like Milk, Cream, Butter, etc. On selecting a category, users can further navigate through subcategories containing a list of products under the chosen category.

Advance search filters

The app provides a Universal Search feature to enable its users to search various products using the product search filters by typing keywords. For example, if a user searches Dairy Milk, the search result will show every kind of chocolate named Dairy Milk in the GrofKit app.

Add to Cart & Checkout

This feature allows users to add products to their basket and pay smartly through various payment methods like UPI, Debit Card, and Credit Card.

Filters & Sort by

Users have access to amazing features to help them filter and sort products through Price range, Brand, Discount, Offer, Reviews & rating.

Coupon & Coins

Every time a user makes a purchase, they receive in-app coins that can be redeemed in the next order.

Push Notifications

Users will receive notifications every time they add a product to the cart, delivery status, fresh products arrival, special offers and discounts, sale arrival, etc.

Delivery Preferences

With the delivery preference feature users can manage their day & date of delivery.


Users can add products they like to a wishlist and can see those products under the wishlist tab.

Order Management

The order management feature allows users to manage and track the status of the orders like shipment details.

Technology stack

Order Management

  • Kotlin

  • Android Studio


  • Swift

  • Xcode


  • Python

  • Django


  • React

  • Angular


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