Happy HIV

Happy HIV is a dating app for the HIV+ people to interact, socialize, and meet other HIV+ people. The app allows users to send friend requests, update their status, communicate, and much more. The users of this software will be able to restart their lives in a fresh way.

App features


Users can post their happy moments via images and videos and much more. Other users of the app can see the latest feeds, like and comment, and share them over multiple channels.


The app allows the users to update and customize their profile. They can set their profile image, update their hobbies, region, and what kind of partner they are looking for.

Find Friends

The search friends feature of the app enables the users to find friends based on their location, interests, and much more.


The in-app messaging feature offers an end-to-end secure chatting platform for the users. They can do text chatting over the app whenever they want.

Technology stack


  • Swift

  • Ionic

  • Xcode


  • Laravel

  • PHP


  • Kotlin

  • React

  • Android Studio

  • Java

  • MVVM Architecture

The world is moving out now, where are you? Download the app from Play or App store, and find your partner NOW!

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