Healthy Kinnect

Healthy Kinnect is a nutrition-based app that encourages users to stay fit.
User can maintain their streaks by posting everyday on healthy kinnect.

App Features

Media Posting Feed

The app allows its users to post images and videos for their followers to see and follow routines that other users do to stay fit.


Users can access the posts done by people they are following.

Profile Search

The search feature allows users to search profiles of trainers, health experts, nutritionists, and other users by typing in fields like the Name, Mobile number, Email, or Zip code.

Following List

Users can view the list of people they are following.


Users get reward points after earning points through maintaining streaks and liking and commenting on other people’s posts.


Users can maintain streaks by posting every day on Healthy Kinnect.

Technology stack


  • MVVM Architecture

MVVM Architecture

  • Swift

  • Xcode


  • Python

  • Django

UI/UX Design

  • Figma

Download the app today from the App Store for free to explore the small wonders around you.

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