Nukkad Pe Hai

Nukkad Pe Hai is a mobile application which allows the users to connect with the small vendor shops like salons, tea stalls, snacks and beverages stores,etc. at their nearby areas or street corners(Nukkad). Users can also see the details of the shop and navigate there. Anyone can now enjoy the unexplored small wonders of their nukkad to get their work done in no time.

UI Design

App features


Easy login, swift searching, and quick response. Check the categorised shops, products, featured listings, and all the latest deals and offers on the user dashboard.


The event feature will notify all the registered members regarding any upcoming events. They can also filter the events according to their location.

Shop Listing

Get all the nearby shops’ details at one place. Whether it’s a salon, restaurant, tea stall, or book store, explore and navigate to them.


Your purchases will earn rewards for you. You can also use the reward points to make your future transactions and purchases

Technology stack


  • Swift

  • Xcode


  • Kotlin

  • Android Studio

  • MVVM Architecture


  • Laravel

  • PHP

Download the app today from the App Store or Google Play for free to explore the small wonders around you.

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