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Sports pique the attention of the vast majority of sports enthusiasts. As the sport rises in popularity, fans are getting more interested in knowing more about their favorite teams and betting on the winners. Prophecy is a sports betting software that lets users track statistics and place bets on a variety of sports.

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App Features

apponward Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The power of experience and analytics

Users can download the app and use it to keep track of current and upcoming sporting events. The live and forthcoming sporting events are displayed on the home page, along with the appropriate team names. You can also track their progress and participate in live betting. It also displays the number of your winning and losing bets.

apponward Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Search your favorite teams

The app allows the users to search for sports events based on certain dates and teams by using the search filter option. The app’s calendar function allows users to check events on a specified day. Daily cards can also be purchased by subscribing to one of their many plans.

apponward Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Secure transaction and safe betting

The app’s bankroll management keeps track of user transactions in a secure manner. For end-to-end transactions, the app is fully safe. You may also look at your recent bankroll history. You can set the default bet size so you don’t have to enter it each time.

apponward Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Profile management

You can also update your profile, examine your wagering history, and share the app with your friends as a registered user. You can upload your profile photo and view your betting history and outcomes. You can also earn by inviting your friend to Prophecy. Where are you in the fast-paced world of sports betting?

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Join Prophecy and take control of the gambling fort.

apponward Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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