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If you’ve been reading up on web push notifications lately, you know businesses are jumping on this type of marketing to get their users’ attention. It’s no surprise since almost 80% of desktop and 50% of mobile web traffic now support web push notifications.

So, it’s no surprise that web push notifications are getting a lot of attention. But, like any marketing tactic, if you’re not getting people to click, it’s probably not working. If you’re having trouble getting people to click on your notifications or just looking for ways to improve your click-through rate, here are some tips to help.

Ways to Increase Your Push Notification CTR

Opt-in Choice

Push notifications have an average of 90% open rate, which can help boost conversions for your website. To make it work, you must give your visitors the option to opt-in at the start. This is important because if they click on a message and don’t find it useful, they’ll be more likely to opt out later.



Personalization can have a significant impact on your open rate and click-through rate. Incorporate humor or emojis to make your customers feel like they are receiving a message from a trusted friend (if this makes sense in the context of the message). When the context is appropriate, your target audience will be more attentive and more likely to respond to your notification messages.


Flash Sales

Flash sales messages are a great way to get people to buy right away. They create a sense of urgency and excitement in users, which leads to a higher click-through rate. Send out push notifications with time-sensitive offers that get people to make a purchase right away. Plus, you can add discounts and cashback to make it even more effective.


Cart Abandonment Notifications

Did you know that over 75% of e-commerce carts never see a thank you page? On average, cart abandonment leads to $4 trillion in lost revenue every year.


Why do people abandon their carts? There are many reasons why people abandon their carts, but the most common one is because they don’t know where their cart is. Remind them about their cart status via a push notification for your website.


Use push messaging to create a sense of urgency and encourage them to return and complete their purchase process as soon as possible.


Urgency is one of the most powerful motivators for push notification CTR. When they receive a push notification that shows the urgency, they’ll click on it to see what they missed out on. This will boost your Push Notification CTR.


Product Back in Stock

On many eCommerce platforms like Amazon, when a user is on the purchasing page, and the product is unavailable, a push notification is displayed indicating that Amazon will notify the user when the product is available again. This provides the user with a sense of trust and dependability, while also providing them with a sense of ease and satisfaction.


Occasion-based Notifications

People usually like to spend more generously on presents for their loved ones around the holidays. For any e-commerce business, this is the perfect time to encourage users to update their wardrobes with web push notifications to enjoy all the new season arrivals.


Get your users to update their wardrobes and attract them with promotions and discounts. Use the following alerts:

  • Celebrating birthdays/anniversaries
  • End-of-season sale
  • Summer/Winter collection alert
  • Discount on daily use & other products
  • Offers on daily use & other products



When something is limited, everyone wants a piece of it. Make your push notification feel like it’s limited. The subscriber won’t want to miss something so valuable, and they’ll click your notification. Not only will this boost your push notification CTR, but it’ll also boost conversion.



Nowadays, it’s hard to think of a chat conversation that doesn’t include emojis. People have gotten used to them, and sometimes messages that don’t have emojis are seen as negative. So, why not incorporate these habits into your ads?

Emojis are a great way to add good vibes to your message. Not only that but with the vivid detail, users will be more likely to click on your ad.


In conclusion, Push notifications are a powerful way to engage your customers and boost sales. But they won’t work if you don’t have a well-thought-out plan. By following the tips and best practices outlined in this blog, you can improve your push notification CTR and drive more traffic and revenue to your website or app.

Remember to segment your audience, personalize your messages, use clear and compelling CTAs, and continuously analyze and optimize your campaigns for maximum effectiveness.


With these strategies in place, you can take your push notification campaigns to the next level and achieve your business goals.

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According to a report from Fortune Business Insights, the global video streaming app market is expected to grow at a whopping 19.9% CAGR over the 2022-2029 period from $473.39 billion in 2022 to $1,690.35 billion by 2029.


This is mainly due to the growing use of the Internet and the increasing number of people buying mobile phones. Plus, there is a huge demand for video streaming in schools and universities worldwide. This is because of the benefits of video streaming, like better learning opportunities like visual webinars and course recordings.


Businesses widely use live streaming to promote their products and services, strengthen their brand identity, and enhance customer engagement. It also has many applications in court proceedings, mandatory meetings, town hall gatherings, business gatherings, and employee training.


What is Video Streaming?

Video streaming, or media streaming, is a form of video content that can be transmitted over the Internet in compressed form and played immediately rather than stored on the device’s hard drive. “Streaming” refers to listening to music or viewing a video in real-time rather than waiting for it to be downloaded to a device and then watching it. Typically, streaming videos are sent from compressed pre-recorded video files that can be transmitted over multiple users simultaneously. Video streaming can be accessed from any device with internet access and applications capable of un-compressing the content.


Video Streaming Market Forecast Growth

Key Market Drivers

The popularity of Live Streaming: Live streaming is one of the key elements that has contributed to the increase in market value in the video streaming app development sector. This feature is used to expand the business by addressing the target audience directly so that they can easily understand questions related to business matters. Recently, live video streaming has become a major source of revenue. As a result of its prominent position at the top of the market, the global video streaming market has seen a surge in the use of live video streaming.

Advancement of Technology: The video streaming market is rapidly expanding due to the emergence of cutting-edge technologies such as AI and blockchain. Consumers increasingly engage in video streaming due to their preference for technology and increasing video quality. This has been a major contributor to the market’s growth in recent times.

The Largest video streaming market share

In 2022, North America accounted for 31.9% of the video streaming market due to the prevalence of mobile and tablet devices, rapid technological progress, and the increasing popularity of online streaming.

Top Impacting Factors

The growth of the video streaming market is expected to be driven by various factors, including an increase in the number of live-streamed content, the uptake of cloud-based streaming solutions, and the expansion of online video usage in developing economies. Additionally, the demand for video game streaming services and the widespread use of video in corporate training are expected to contribute to the market’s growth.


However, bandwidth limitations, latency, and reliability issues will likely delay the market’s development. Additionally, the influence of video streaming on the education sector is increasing, and integrating advanced technologies into video platforms to enhance video quality provides numerous opportunities.


Increase in live-streamed content

For many content creators and rights owners, live streaming offers a novel way to interact with their intended audience and generate new sources of revenue. Although live streaming is growing, it is still at an early stage of development. The rise of cloud computing and the expansion of the Internet’s reach have enabled different audiences to access their niche content more easily, allowing advertisers to target their content to potential customers.


More people are consuming live video than ever, largely due to the initiatives taken by companies such as Hala, Facebook and the NCAA to promote live streaming. A survey conducted by IAB in May 2018 revealed that 47% of global live-streaming viewers consume more live video than a year ago, while nearly 44% of participants reported watching less live television due to live streaming. This data demonstrates the widespread, ongoing growth of live-streamed content, which is likely to contribute to the growth of video-streaming apps.


Impact of COVID-19 on Video Streaming Market

The video streaming app market is projected to experience a significant expansion in the wake of Covid-19, driven by the introduction of 5G cellular technology and an increase in the use of OTT media services, such as Disney+, Netflix and Amazon Prime video, for entertainment purposes. Nokia has reported that Disney+, an OTT service provider, has been responsible for a significant portion of the video streaming services available in European networks, amounting to 8.0% during the pandemic.


Furthermore, Netflix has announced that its paid subscriber count has reached a record 15.8 million subscribers between January 2020 and March 2020, with an estimated 7.0 million additional subscribers expected by June 2022.

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